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What to expect


  • Preparatory sessions are mandatory before all journeywork.  

  • We work with Cannabis Sativa in an intentional and ceremonious way. 

  • Guided mindfulness exercises including art experientials are a common part of the process.  




  • Expect to be safe, to be seen, to be heard, and to be in a clean space. It is common to have various traditional incenses burning as well as instruments and music sets playing during the journeywork. Please let the practitioner know if you are allergic or aversive to certain scents. 

  • We use a vibroacoustic mat that vibrates sound into the body during the journey to provide sound and vibration healing for the body all the while enhancing the non-ordinary state of consciousness.  

  • Snacks are provided at the end of the journey.  Please let the practitioner know if you have any food restrictions. 

The Practitioner

  • Committed to holding space and ensuring your safety first and foremost.

  • Ensures you feel prepared before the journey.

  • Manages the sacred medicine space during the journey, the music, and guides you through the journey experience.  

  • Provides integration services post-journey. 

  • Maintains and upholds the laws and ethics. 

The Process

initial inquiry

  • First step is submitting the Initial Inquiry Form.  We will be contacting you within 48 hours regarding your request for services and a free 30 minute consultation phone call is offered to determine if these services best fit your needs.  

  • We will then send you a participant agreement form and a questionnaire.  The questionnaire will be reviewed prior to our first session.  

  • An invoice will be sent to you once the questionnaire is reviewed.  Once payment is received in full, we will schedule a prep session, a journey date, and an integration session. Full payment must be received in order to schedule your requested dates.  

Preparatory session

  • During the 60 min prep session, we can get to know each other a bit more and gain further insight into your current situation.  We will create an intention for the journey and go over any expectations, questions, and concerns.

  • What if we determine that a Psychedelic-Cannabis Journey isn't appropriate? We can proceed with the following:​

  1. ​​​We will credit the rest of the payment towards consultation and integration services.

  2. Charge for the prep session and refund the Shamanic Cannabis Journey and integration session. 

  3. We will do our best to refer you to external services that can best fit your needs. 

Shamanic Cannabis Ceremony

  • Journeys are offered at 3hrs or 5hrs depending on what you're looking for.

  • We begin with a short check-in and guided meditation and begin the ceremony by imbibing the medicine with intention and reverence. 

  • Shortly after you will be laying down on a vibroacoustic sound mat and engaging in a short body scan meditation. 

  • The journey usually takes voyage after the body scan but some may need a little more guidance during the journey.  That's ok. There's no right or wrong way to do this. This is your journey. 

  • Cannabis has been called the Somatic Psychedelic.  It is common for the journey to be full of physical sensations and releases while experiencing thoughts, memories, emotions, and transpersonal or spiritual experiences.  

  • These journeys are very safe and can be very powerful yet very gentle when compared to other plant medicines. People report feeling a sense of added agency while still having a deep profound experience. 

integration session

  • During the 60 min integration session, we delve deeper into the journey for processing and meaning making through art experientials, psychosomatics, and mindfulness exercises.

  • Customized ceremonies and rituals using natural elements can be created and can be a very important part of integrating impactful experiences.  This is a very primal and ancient human behavior.

  • Further integration services are offered on an ongoing basis depending on your needs.  It is common for individuals to continue to seek services while they're working through trauma, dark night of the soul, shadow work, childhood attachment injuries, and spiritual emergences. 

Although this would be the end of a simple Shamanic Cannabis Ceremony set, it is really the beginning of a bigger internal process that is invaluable no matter how difficult it may get.  If interested please submit our Initial Inquiry Form. Thank you.

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