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OUR Offerings

Shamanic Cannabis Ceremonies 

What is this about?

This is about healing yourself on your own terms, in a safe and contained environment with a safe and ethical guide. Our Shamanic Cannabis Ceremonies are based on Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy combined with shamanic practices, ritual, and elemental energy work. We use specific blending and aging techniques to potentiate the psychedelic effects of the medicine.


We currently offer three and five-hour ceremonies in a safe and contained space to delve deeper into ourselves.  Plans and custom packages are available for therapeutic intensives. 

Why go on a Psychedelic-Cannabis Journey?

  • Restructure old patterns

  • Trauma resolution

  • Shadow work

  • Regain internal resources & Power retrievals

  • Insight and creativity enhancement

  • Explore the edges of your consciousness

  • Ancestral healings & Soul retrievals

  • Preparation for or integration from other plant medicines


psychospiritual coaching & integration services 

We provide preparation and integration services before and after every journey or set of journeys. 

Psychospiritual consultations are also available for those who are interested in gaining a different perspective of their current situation based on a transpersonal, nondual, and shamanic point of view.  This is recommended for individuals with more acute or severe symptoms and would benefit from longer-term services. These sessions are typically provided in conjunction with the Shamanic Cannabis Ceremonies, however, are offered as a stand-alone service. 

Coaching, Consultation & Integration Services include:

  • Ritual, ceremony, and rights of passage

  • Art Therapy

  • Adult Attachment Repair Model - Psychosomatic Therapy

  • Shadow Work exercises

  • Archetypes and Parts work

  • Sound and Vibroacoustic Healing

  • Ancestral & Intergenerational Trauma Integration

Integration art after journeywork

We offer sliding scale prices for people that are in financial need and/or identify as Veteran, BIPOC, or LGBTQIA+