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Ethics &Safety 

Cannabis sativa: 

Cannabis is a very safe and legal plant medicine in the state of California and several other states.  Although we are advocates of plant medicine use and free consciousness, we do not encourage any illegal activities or the abuse of Cannabis or any other entheogens. Moreover, this type of work can be profound, however, it is not appropriate for everyone. This includes severe psychological and/or psychospiritual symptoms like those labeled as psychosis and delusional disorders. 


*For legal and safety reasons, NO other medicines, entheogens, psychedelics, or drugs are permitted before or during ANY sessions.

*Due to COVID-19 we will be wearing face masks and we will be checking your temperature upon arrival. 

*Must be 21 years or older.

*Due to the potency of the medicine, you must find a ride home after every journey. This is non-negotiable. Uber and Lyft are recommended if you cannot find a ride prior to the journey. 


*Refund & Cancellation Policy:  Full refund with 48-hour cancellation notice and 50% refund with 24-hour notice. No refunds for same-day cancellations.   

*Although this kind of work is powerful and effective, it is intended as a supplement to medical and psychiatric treatment and not a substitute.

*If you ever have any ethical concerns with any of our practices please feel free to contact  

Code of ethics for spiritual guides

Further guidelines are outlined in the Participation Agreement.  The form will be sent to participants at the time of booking and you can also download it by clicking here. 

Please visit The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness for further information on Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy, guide & sitter training. and psychedelic advocacy. 

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